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Oct 22
Top 5 Vampire Anime

In this, the second installment of our Halloween anime lists – we will take a look at 5 of the best vampire anime out there. This list was a bit tougher than with the Top 5 Zombie Anime, as there…

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Oct 19
Top 5 Zombie Anime

With Halloween just around the corner, we will be doing a series of several horror themed anime lists over the next two weeks, from zombies to vampires and everything in between. This first installment will see us take a look…

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Oct 16
Sword Art Online – Looking Ahead for Season 2

Sword Art Online season 2 finished up the first arc of the season when it concluded Gun Gale Online on the 11th October. The reality is however that episode 14.5 was simply a recap of the season, with the story…

Oct 15
Daedric Armour Cosplay – Michael Angove Interview

We decided to speak to one of the fairly newcomers to cosplaying in South Africa, Michael Angove – who attended this year’s rAge event with an impressive Daedric armour suit that he had built himself. We asked him a few…

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Oct 14
Gun Gale Online With Oculus Rift

We recently covered some fan made projects relating to Pokemon and the desire for an MMORPG platform for the game, this time we’ve found another inspiring fan venture that for us SAO/GGO fans is a bit of a jaw dropper….

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Oct 13
rAge Highlights From Twitter

Lead image by Tech Smart Magazine This past weekend saw the country’s largest gaming, technology expo rAge take place in Gauteng. rAge is an annual event that sees a massive showcase of product booths, competitive LAN gaming, social LAN events,…

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Oct 12
Pokemon MMORPG – Will it Ever Happen?

Pokémon and MMORPG are two words that fans of the franchise have been hoping to hear for years. Since the inception of the Pokémon game in 1996, with the release of Pokémon Red and Blue for the Game Boy –…

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Top 5 Gaming Desktop In 2017

Still deciding which desktop is better for your gaming? In this video, you will know which gaming desktop is the best for your use. The video also consists a quick review of the desktop.